Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#7: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

She giggled, a high pitched, sugar coated, rainbow filled giggle. Birds chirped above her head in the willow trees.

"Jennifer!" Thats' what they were calling her now.

They're giving out free waffles at Karnival diner, hurry up!"

Jennifer skipped towards her friend, leaving the quaint little Farmer's Market.  Jennifer hummed to herself as they passed by a pond. Her eyes couldn't seem to leave the water, as it reflected the yellow sunlight from the beginnings of spring. Something seemed strange about it, like she'd been there before, a shuddering icy texture on her fingertips. She opened her mouth, something on the tip of her tongue. Metal on her wrists. A tapping memory in the back of her brain.

"Jennifer!" Her friend called.  That's what they told her to call her. "Come take your medicine dear."

Jennifer hummed, skipping forward to her friend, taking the two bright orange pills into her hand. She popped them into her mouth with another giggle. They had her on new meds these last couple weeks. They moved her into a new room, with more color, and a window. No more white walls and bars. It mad her feel light, like she could fly right into the stars that appeared in the sky by her new window each night. Sometimes she forgot where she was, or where they were taking her. But if felt nice, so she didn't mind.
It was hard for her to remember where she used to be, what she used to do. But it's nice to live in the present. Isn't that what they always say?

She liked to look at all the colors surrounding her around the town of Winthrop as they headed for Karnival. Blue, green, red orange.

If Joon listened close enough, she swore she could almost hear the sound of someone screaming. She ignored it.

Underneath the stars
Bated breath as we wait for
what we can't remember

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